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Pet Taxi

You can’t always step away from your daily responsibilities to take your pet to the groomers or vet. And now, you don’t have to. With the pet taxi service, your pet will be picked up and brought wherever they need to go. Updates will be accompanied with photos so that you can see exactly how your pet is doing on their little “solo” trip. Your pet will get the care they need and you’ll be able to fully focus on your other responsibilities.
$10 per additional dog/ cat/ small pet from same household.

*Animals from same household must be picked up/ dropped off in same location.*

Prices are quoted on a case-by-case basis. Locations of home and appointment will determine the total amount quoted to you in advance.

Please inquire within for a price quote.

1 Way Taxi Service (Pickup or Drop Off): Your pet is either picked up from your home and dropped off at a pet appointment or your pet is picked up from an appointment and brought home. 

Round Trip Taxi Service: Your pet is picked up from your home, escorted to pet appointment. Once appointment ends, your pet will be returned home safely. 


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