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My enthusiasm and passion for animals shines through in everything I do. It’s why I started this business. But don’t take my word for it. Read on to see what my previous clients have said about their experiences.



My enthusiasm and passion for animals shines through in everything I do. It’s why I started this business. But don’t take my word for it. Read on to see what my previous clients have said about their pet sitting, dog walking, and pet taxi experiences with Sara Lutz Pet Services. 

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Sara was WONDERFUL with our dog, Pippa! She created a real bond with her and sent us multiple photos and videos while we were away. What's more, she left our house spotless! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a dog sitter!


Sara is truly amazing with animals! She took care of Chip like he was her fur baby. She cleaned all his water bowls before I got home and refilled them, hand fed him if that’s what he needed and gave him ALL the loves! She is also extremely respectful of the space she stays in. She stripped the bed sheets and made sure everything was in its place!


Wow! Sara is absolutely the best. We initially felt some hesitancy using an App (first time) to find someone to stay at our house and care for our pup. We have a dog with serious seizures on multiple medications throughout the day. She’s an easy dog but has some “quirks” to her behavior. Sara just rolled with it and mastered it immediately. Additionally, she took good care of our house. I’m a fairly neat, orderly person, so it was nice to come home and find my house as I left it. If you need a friendly, caring, competent house sitter, Sara is the one. We feel like she’s family now- and that’s pretty special to have that happen through an App!

Image by Tim van der Kuip


Sara is the perfect sitter for all your pets needs. As an avid animal lover, she ensures that all your pets needs are thoroughly addressed and provides tons of TLC. She cared for my dogs that aren't the best behaved, and need daily medication and I had zero worries while they were in her care. I highly recommend Sara to anyone looking for a qualified, loving, caring, and compassionate sitter!


Sara will care and love your pets as if they were her own! She has expert handling skills with all types of pet temperaments, and also has an extensive knowledge of medical care and monitoring. I have seen her compassion for pets first hand - she always adjusts her actions to best interact with the animal in front of her to meet their individual needs. Her positive energy is felt by any animal she interacts with!!!


Sara is a compassionate animal lover who has many years of experience in various professional settings working with dogs (and cats!) of all sizes and temperaments. She is an honest, caring person who truly cares for all animals as if they are her own. I don’t trust just anyone with my fur babies, but Sara is one of the few I do. If you want to guarantee that your animals are in the best possible hands, I highly recommend Sara!

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Image by Karsten Winegeart
Image by Karsten Winegeart


Sara is amazing with our dog. She is gentle but firm with him. And I feel good that she has so much prior experience working with pets at an SPCA. She’s a wonderful pet sitter!


Sara knows how to make animals feel safe and loved. Our cat had special medical needs and Sara handled it easily. She has a lot of experience. We love her.


I have known Sara for years, and she is always helping animals. She has worked for 7 years in the local shelter, and has adopted both dogs and cats from there, usually ones that have special needs! She has a huge heart, and is very knowledgeable about cats and dogs' needs and behaviors. I would trust her with my own animals in a heartbeat!

Image by Ricky  Kharawala
Image by Magdalena Smolnicka
Image by David Clode


Sara is FANTASTIC with pets! I am SUPER picky with who would watch my animals, and I would hire her to watch them in a heartbeat. She is dependable, reliable, and good with animals of all shapes and sizes. I've seen her work magic on dogs and cats who were terrified of people, and I've seen her medicate even the most stubborn of animals. You will not be disappointed if you hire Sara. Plus, she is incredibly sweet!


I have seen Sarah put many animal's needs before her own. You couldn't ask for a better caretaker. Not only does she have years of experience with her own animals, but professional experience as well. I would recommend her to anyone!


Sara L is a very dedicated and detail oriented person. She is great with communicating as well and does everything with great care. She has clinical experience with animals which is comforting when it comes to taking care of pets, they and in loving hands when in her care!



Sara has been a lifelong friend of mine. When I think of animals, I immediately think of Sara. She has taken care of my cat numerous times, as well as my mother’s elderly cats (18yrs old now). She has spent the majority of her career working for non-profit animal shelters. She is extremely well educated in animal care and continues to show her special connection with all animals. She has the education, skill, and caring personality that it takes to pet sit and there is no one that I trust more with my own animals. You will not be disappointed!! :)


I worked with Sara for over three years at an animal shelter, where Sara worked as a veterinary assistant. She demonstrated expertise in animal handling and caring for animals, including those with unique medical and behavioral concerns. Sara provided daily care for animals in critical medical condition. Sara administered oral, topical and subcutaneous medication to necessary shelter animals, as well as examined and provided vaccines and treatments to incoming stray and surrendered animals. She has continued her animal welfare education by attending conferences. Overall, I believe Sara has devoted her life to caring and treating animals, and I would trust her to watch my own cat, as I have seen she cares for all animals she encounters as if they were her own.


Sara was put into this world to help & love animals. She has an incredible bond with every fur baby she meets. She listens and understands them in ways most people can not. If anyone is perfect for a pet services job it is hands down Sara Lutz!

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