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Trusting a stranger with your pet isn’t something that should be taken lightly. That’s why I’ve made sure to outline my previous experience so you can feel confident moving forward with me. Feel free to reach out.



A Trusted Source for Animal Care


10+ years

Experience caring for a paraplegic cat and expressing his bladder 2-3 times every single day.


3 years

Experience working as the Animal Care Manager at the local SPCA animal shelter, with the responsibility for the safety, humane treatment and overall well-being of up to 150+ felines, 60+ canines and 15 staff at one time.


4 years

Experience working as a Veterinary Assistant at the local SPCA animal shelter.

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ASPCA National Field Reponse Team

Deploys to various destinations to provide shelter set-up and daily animal care support to victims of cruelty or disaster.



Sara Lutz Pet Services offers a high quality standard of care for your pet while you are away or busy with other responsibilities that need your full attention. Sara Lutz Pet Services is the active, responsible, and devoted animal care provider you have been hoping for, offering nightly pet sitting, and daily dog walking and pet taxi services for your pet. 


In addition to having tons of professional and personal animal care experience, I am young and active enough to keep up with your pets - yet old and mature enough to actually make responsible decisions for your pet. Sara Lutz Pet Services was created because I genuinely enjoy the company of animals and enjoy allowing pet owners to have some peace of mind knowing their pet is in the great care of a responsible adult. 


An Amazing Tail

Since I was young I’ve loved animals — both learning about and taking care of them. But it wasn't until my cat had a bad fall from a tree and became paraplegic, that my real experience began. For the past 11 years I've been devoted to his care as a special needs cat, expressing his bladder 2-3 times every day and it's what inpsired me to start working with animals professionally for the next 7 years. 4 years I worked as a Veterinary Assistant and then 3 years as an Animal Care Manager for a local shelter.


It took a lot out of me, but I quickly realized I couldn't stay away from what I was born to do. I decided to create Sara Lutz Pet Services and suddenly my itch for animal care could finally be scratched! Now I am able to continue to share my love of animals with my clients and pet owners from all over the area. I pride myself on the high-standard of care and services that I offer and I have a number of clients who have become more like family in the process.

Currently, I have a job working remotely from home, which allows me a lot of flexibility in my schedule and I am able to accommodate pet owners and their pets however I am needed.


I look forward to building a relationship with both you and your pets. I promise you will not be disappointed with my services, so don't wait too long to book! 

Learn More: Amazing Tail
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